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i'm moving (yay!) and there just happens to be, off the new living room, a separate room with tons of light and a glass-paned door. this means...that's right! i get a bird room! i'm going to fill that space to the rafters with toys and perches and places to explore!

my question for you: what kinds of plants and/or potted trees/shrubs would you recommend that would A) withstand the onslaught of a senegal roaming free a lot more than he gets to right now, and B) are non-toxic and safe? or am i dreaming when i think *jungle room* and i should just stick to natural wood perches?

i'm kind of at a loss...i've never actually HAD this much extra space. if you had an entire (small bedroom/office-sized) room to turn into an aviary, what would you do? O.O


Mar. 21st, 2012 09:29 am
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well, it's nearly a year old, Philippe has decided to start talking! i slept in this morning (yay spring break) and the fiancé uncovered his cage for me. by the time i got up, he was telling the whole world "it's a bird! it's a bird! it's a bird!"

you know, just in case anyone forgot. hehe...


Mar. 9th, 2012 07:12 am
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i've been trying to teach Philippe a new flock-call sound. every time i leave the room (my file cabinet is upstairs and so is the bathroom, so i travel up and down stairs a lot) he starts with the... "shriek?" "SHRIEK?" "SHRIEK!!" so i've started giving him a soft up-down whistle when i leave the room, and continuing from upstairs if he responds in kind. he seems to be picking up on it as a useful measure of where i am (although somehow, he can still make it sound like a strangled up-down whistle through an air horn - heh).

i've also noticed how he responds to certain sounds. television is the source of many things not normally heard in our house. for instance, the Jeopardy Daily Double is a BAD! NOISE! doesn't matter how many times he's heard it, he still flinches and stares at the tv. he almost never reacts that way to anything else - mostly he ignores the television, and there aren't many other loud noises in our relatively peaceful house, other than the kids, whom he loves - they don't seem to bother him, even when they occasionally run through screaming.

last night, though, the fiancé and i were watching some show on which a cloud of bats flew out of a cave, making loud bat-sounds (louder, of course, than they would be IRL - i wonder what they actually used, since it sounded more like a flock of terrified starlings). apparently fake tv bats are also a BAD! NOISE! i really tried not to chuckle, but i still got lectured anyway. (lecturing sounds a lot like Charlie Brown's parents.)

anyway, to make this a question-type post rather than a silly-bird post, do your featherkids have issues when you leave the room? how have you handled it? i've tried telling him when i'm only going to be gone a minute and when i'm going to work and will be gone for a long time...that seems to be helping too.


Jan. 29th, 2012 08:20 pm
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Malachi has finally started saying words/phrases I thought he'd lost! :D

He stopped using our 'contact call' at some point when we were living with [personal profile] kestrel_hawk and family, along with a few other phrases I would prefer he use. Since we've been in our current home (with my brother and his family) he has consistently used a very small selection of phrases.

Guys, he's using 'caw caw caw?' and 'whatcha doin'?' and 'what doin'?' as well as his other phrases! It just gives me so much hope that we're on the right track toward using a contact call more consistently. No one likes a screamy conure, especially not at naptime.

Anyone else have words/phrases/sounds they prefer their feathered kiddos use?
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I went out today and bought an all new set of Calphalon Stainless Steel cookware - gorgeous and birdie-friendly! Its going to be a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to use it to it's maximum capabilities, but Im SUPER excited about it - I've always lusted after Calphalon.

What kinds of drastic changes did you make in your life when you made room in your homes and hearts for birds?
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Hello there. I am the mommy to one goofy Patagonian conure named Magellan, clutchmate to [personal profile] onlysmallwings's Malachi. He's overseeing the writing of this entry from the back of the couch beside me. Magellan is nearing 5 years of age, which seems a little impossible seeing as how I remember him pinfeathered and downy almost yesterday.

Magellan enjoys such pursuits as beatboxing with his daddy, preening my hair, mimicking/mocking cats, kissing his dog, and saying "woo" after I sneeze or blow my nose. ZuPreem grapes are his favorite pellet, but he wants little to do with regular/fresh food. He doesn't even like seeds; he will barely touch Lafeber NutriBerries. Picky kid.

Mr.Luckey and I also have two peach-faced lovebirds, who are ~13 and 9, and we used to have a cockatiel, but he passed away suddenly about 3 years ago, when he was only 4.

I really enjoy the interactivity of birds. They're very different than mammals in terms of type of care, companionship, etc. They take a definite shift in lifestyle, a fairly rigid schedule and more consideration regarding chemicals, fumes and temperatures, but every type of pet requires a slightly different set of needs and considerations.

hi all!

Jan. 15th, 2012 10:06 am
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i got my first parrot this summer after a year or so of research. Philippe the Mouse (otherwise known as Peep, Peeper-bird, and *squawksquawksquawk!!* (heh) is a senegal. he's got ridiculous amounts of personality!

he's a baby still (about 9 months old) and he hasn't done much talking yet, but he likes to mimic what i say--he can almost mutter "i love you" and "pretty bird" and i have entire conversations with him which consist of variations on "peep-wibble." he copies the changing syllables. he also makes the microwave noise when he wants attention--i guess he figures if we go into the kitchen when the microwave goes "beep-beep-beep," that we'll come see him if he does it. :) he can also put a penny in a cup (when he feels like it) and hang upside down and roll over, which he likes to do suddenly, expecting me to catch him ("trust fall!") and if i don't, he rolls right off me and falls on the couch. and looks very confused and annoyed. heh.

i love birds of all sorts, and someday i hope to have a house big enough that i can also get a cockatoo (without my fiancé, NOTABIRDPERSON, throwing me out--hehe). a pet store goffins was the first bird i ever fell in love with, but we currently live in a townhouse, so the space requirements and the famous cockatoo voice made that no-go. and the big teary cartoon doe-eyes only work on the fiancé to a certain extent--i used up a year's supply to talk him into a small and adorable senegal. but it's so cute when he gives Philippe scritches and very sweetly calls him an obnoxious feather-duster (which is half true--not the feather duster part).

thanks to comm mod for inviting me here. i'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and your feather kids!

[edited to add tags--i'm kinda new at the posting to comms] [edited again: guess i can't add tags--i'll get this, sorry lol]


Jan. 14th, 2012 09:26 am
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I never know quite what to say in an intro post.

I'm a bird mom to a Patagonian Conure named Malachi. He is almost five! Wow! I can't believe it's been that long already! (And I'll get a picture up at some point, I swear.) He's my buddy, fairly resistant to change, very bonded to me, and a pretty good bird most of the time.

I purchased him from a local bird shop before he even had all of his feathers, visited often while they weaned him, and took him home when we agreed he was eating pellets well. And he's been my buddy-bird ever since. :) I still think there isn't much cuter than a baby parrot who is still all pinfeathery and awkward. Babies are cute, what can I say?

We currently live with my brother, his wife, and their two-year-old son. And it's been great! Mal doesn't care about anyone else in the room as long as I'm around, and the kiddo is always supervised when he's with the bird. (Malachi has no idea what to do with this tiny human.) We lived alone the first two years I had him, and then spent another two years with my best friend, her husband, two dogs, and three other birds, including Mal's clutch brother, Magellan.

Mal started acting out the last six or eight months we spent with the other birds (feather picking and weight loss), but he bounced right back after we moved here and haven't had any feather picking in over 8 months. I'm calling it stress related and hoping it's done. He seems very happy to be the only bird in the house.

Anyway, here's hoping this comm gets some activity!
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This is my newest addition, Bahari, a three month old Eclectus, and my inspiration for this community. Dreamwidth is much in need of some parrot love, so my hope is that we can build a thriving community much like the ones that livejournal is known for, even if it means I have to talk to myself for a little while :)

Im a 25 year old Georgia girl who works in county government. My job security and very predictable (as well as favorable) work hours seemed ideal to get into parrot ownership again - I previously owned a Hahn's macaw named Nivasi who I lost at the tender age of three to what the vet presumed was some kind of genetic heart condition. He was the picture of health until the end, and his unexpected loss was devastating. My partner and I chose an eclectus this time around for their personality as well as stunning coloration, and we took delivery of this lovely boy earlier this morning. He's settling into his home nicely, and has already started exploring his toys and watching other birds on youtube with my room-mates and I :)

I am hoping that soon there are other bird enthusiasts to join me here, and that we can grow in knowledge as well as friendship through our birds and dreamwidth!

Meanwhile, Bahari's favorite video of the moment :)

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