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i'm moving (yay!) and there just happens to be, off the new living room, a separate room with tons of light and a glass-paned door. this means...that's right! i get a bird room! i'm going to fill that space to the rafters with toys and perches and places to explore!

my question for you: what kinds of plants and/or potted trees/shrubs would you recommend that would A) withstand the onslaught of a senegal roaming free a lot more than he gets to right now, and B) are non-toxic and safe? or am i dreaming when i think *jungle room* and i should just stick to natural wood perches?

i'm kind of at a loss...i've never actually HAD this much extra space. if you had an entire (small bedroom/office-sized) room to turn into an aviary, what would you do? O.O

Date: 2012-04-03 01:33 am (UTC)
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Here's a few lists that I found doing a quick google search

When you have your bird/sun room all set up, you should definitely take lots of pictures so I see how awesome it looks! Your birds are so lucky to have you!

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