Pathfinder Convention

Sep. 11th, 2017 10:06 am
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I spent the weekend playing Pathfinder with a bunch of sweaty nerds and it was The Best.

No, seriously.

I played in two games Saturday, one really RP-heavy and one not so much, and I had to bail on the last, very late, game. Which I still feel good about. I was wiped after two games and getting whiny, headed towards bitchy, so I called a car and went home instead of waiting for the people I rode with to play the last game. They got home after midnight; I took care of myself and was able to play Sunday.

And Sunday was amazing. Yeah, it was my first experience with a multi-table event, but it was still an incredible high to play the same overarching scenario with four tables at various levels, all helping each other out. We got a ton of boons for later use on characters (including a class that had been banned from Society play), saved the city from a demon invasion, and our table in particular didn't actually fight anything in the final area because the lower tables shot everything with ballistae, which counted for all tables. The last hour of play was bonkers.

Yes, I was one of two women there both days (we had another woman join for the second Saturday game and playing at a table with two other women was so nice), but even when I was the only woman at the table Sunday, I didn't really feel like The Girl. As a hobby, RPGs still have a white-dude problem, but Pathfinder Society is trying. Society, at least in my areas, has strict enforcement of language and behavior at the tables, but even the modules themselves, straight from Paizo, are more inclusive than I expected. The high priestess of a major religion (Sarenrae) has a wife, and this is just as unremarkable as her being married to a man or unmarried. It's better than it was and these nerds are honestly trying to be better. Which is probably why I keep going back, even though Pathfinder is a bit more number-crunchy than I really want.

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