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Jan. 15th, 2012 10:06 am
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i got my first parrot this summer after a year or so of research. Philippe the Mouse (otherwise known as Peep, Peeper-bird, and *squawksquawksquawk!!* (heh) is a senegal. he's got ridiculous amounts of personality!

he's a baby still (about 9 months old) and he hasn't done much talking yet, but he likes to mimic what i say--he can almost mutter "i love you" and "pretty bird" and i have entire conversations with him which consist of variations on "peep-wibble." he copies the changing syllables. he also makes the microwave noise when he wants attention--i guess he figures if we go into the kitchen when the microwave goes "beep-beep-beep," that we'll come see him if he does it. :) he can also put a penny in a cup (when he feels like it) and hang upside down and roll over, which he likes to do suddenly, expecting me to catch him ("trust fall!") and if i don't, he rolls right off me and falls on the couch. and looks very confused and annoyed. heh.

i love birds of all sorts, and someday i hope to have a house big enough that i can also get a cockatoo (without my fiancé, NOTABIRDPERSON, throwing me out--hehe). a pet store goffins was the first bird i ever fell in love with, but we currently live in a townhouse, so the space requirements and the famous cockatoo voice made that no-go. and the big teary cartoon doe-eyes only work on the fiancé to a certain extent--i used up a year's supply to talk him into a small and adorable senegal. but it's so cute when he gives Philippe scritches and very sweetly calls him an obnoxious feather-duster (which is half true--not the feather duster part).

thanks to comm mod for inviting me here. i'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and your feather kids!

[edited to add tags--i'm kinda new at the posting to comms] [edited again: guess i can't add tags--i'll get this, sorry lol]
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