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This is my newest addition, Bahari, a three month old Eclectus, and my inspiration for this community. Dreamwidth is much in need of some parrot love, so my hope is that we can build a thriving community much like the ones that livejournal is known for, even if it means I have to talk to myself for a little while :)

Im a 25 year old Georgia girl who works in county government. My job security and very predictable (as well as favorable) work hours seemed ideal to get into parrot ownership again - I previously owned a Hahn's macaw named Nivasi who I lost at the tender age of three to what the vet presumed was some kind of genetic heart condition. He was the picture of health until the end, and his unexpected loss was devastating. My partner and I chose an eclectus this time around for their personality as well as stunning coloration, and we took delivery of this lovely boy earlier this morning. He's settling into his home nicely, and has already started exploring his toys and watching other birds on youtube with my room-mates and I :)

I am hoping that soon there are other bird enthusiasts to join me here, and that we can grow in knowledge as well as friendship through our birds and dreamwidth!

Meanwhile, Bahari's favorite video of the moment :)

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