Mar. 9th, 2012 07:12 am
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i've been trying to teach Philippe a new flock-call sound. every time i leave the room (my file cabinet is upstairs and so is the bathroom, so i travel up and down stairs a lot) he starts with the... "shriek?" "SHRIEK?" "SHRIEK!!" so i've started giving him a soft up-down whistle when i leave the room, and continuing from upstairs if he responds in kind. he seems to be picking up on it as a useful measure of where i am (although somehow, he can still make it sound like a strangled up-down whistle through an air horn - heh).

i've also noticed how he responds to certain sounds. television is the source of many things not normally heard in our house. for instance, the Jeopardy Daily Double is a BAD! NOISE! doesn't matter how many times he's heard it, he still flinches and stares at the tv. he almost never reacts that way to anything else - mostly he ignores the television, and there aren't many other loud noises in our relatively peaceful house, other than the kids, whom he loves - they don't seem to bother him, even when they occasionally run through screaming.

last night, though, the fiancé and i were watching some show on which a cloud of bats flew out of a cave, making loud bat-sounds (louder, of course, than they would be IRL - i wonder what they actually used, since it sounded more like a flock of terrified starlings). apparently fake tv bats are also a BAD! NOISE! i really tried not to chuckle, but i still got lectured anyway. (lecturing sounds a lot like Charlie Brown's parents.)

anyway, to make this a question-type post rather than a silly-bird post, do your featherkids have issues when you leave the room? how have you handled it? i've tried telling him when i'm only going to be gone a minute and when i'm going to work and will be gone for a long time...that seems to be helping too.
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